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You've stumbled upon the internet front porch of yours truly, Nick Offerman. If you’re new to this neck of the woods, I'm an actor, author, humorist, proprietor of a charismatic woodshop, and proud husband and dishwasher to the world’s most powerful woman – Megan Mullally.

I'm not sure by what route you traveled here, but I’m grateful you made it in one piece. For your convenience, here I have some information relating to events I'm involved in, videos you can enjoy or not, selected goodies such as I have found time to concoct, and other ways to stay in touch.


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    Full Bush

    2020. Running Time 90 mins

    This is a brand-spankin-new, never-before-seen broadcast special. It describes the manners by which we modern Americans might pursue a lifestyle that can only be described as “Full Bush”. Filmed at the gorgeous jewel box known as The Chicago Theatre.

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    100% of profits support America's Food Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic

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