Full Bush

2020. Running Time 90 mins

This is a brand-spankin-new, never-before-seen broadcast special. It describes the manners by which we modern Americans might pursue a lifestyle that can only be described as “Full Bush”. Filmed at the gorgeous jewel box known as The Chicago Theatre.

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Praise for Full Bush

Unfiltered, unfettered, and most importantly untrimmed, Full Bush is 90 minutes of Offerman’s uncensored opinions on all the things in life you would never talk to your mother about—or your father, for that matter.

Robert Kyte

Offerman is an amazingly charismatic performer and storyteller, and the show is laid-back and seemingly a bit off-the-cuff, with Offerman cracking himself up as much as the audience.

Finn Kirkman


Bill Deronde
Executive Producers:
Nick Offerman, Morgan Sackett, Dean Holland
Chris Wagner, Jim Roush, Nick Campagna
Bill Deronde, James Collett
Associate Director:
Leslie Wilson
Production & Lighting Design:
Bob Peterson
Production Manager:
Amanda Dundee
Production Coordinator:
Dennis Remer
Hair & Makeup:
Milion Bonilo
Production Assistant:
Sam Sackett