American Ham

2014. Running Time 79 mins

Handkerchiefs. Red meat. Minor nudity. In my first comedy special, I enumerate my “10 tips for Delicious Living”. I gained about 30 pounds for this show, so as to appear more relatable. Filmed at New York City’s historic Town Hall.

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Praise for American Ham

Offerman, for all his old-fashioned, ultra-masculine appeal, is a super enlightened guy, preferring to base his morality on what he calls “the holy texts of J.R.R Tolkien and BATTLESTAR” GALACTICA - both old and new”, which has him decrying a lack of open-mindedness among people in general. To Offerman, everyone should have a voice, unless- of course- you’re a vegetarian (tongue-in-cheek). ...While basically just ninety minutes of Offerman going off on a variety of topics, AMERICAN HAM is always engaging, thanks to Offerman’s considerable appeal, and a fresh visual style courtesy of director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who worked with him on THE KINGS OF SUMMER. ...He’s a likable, funny guy, and at times, he even comes across as wise. People could do worse than to take some of his common-sense tips to heart.

Chris Bumbray

Fans of Offerman’s “Parks” character, Ron Swanson, won’t be surprised to hear about the virtues of eating meat or woodworking, but you won’t find the edgier stuff on network TV. And Offerman doesn’t hold back. His marriage to actress Megan Mullally is also a constant point of reference for punchlines both genuinely sweet and gloriously filthy, or a combination of both as in his self-penned love tune “The Rainbow Song.”

Geoff Berkshire

Variety Magazine


Nick Offerman, Marc Evan Jackson, Megan Mullally
Directed by:
Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Produced by:
Nick Offerman & Julien Lemaitre
Written by:
Nick Offerman
Interstitial music by:
Ryan Miller
Matt Garrett, Ross Riege
Edited by:
Josh Schaeffer, Alex Gorosh, Stacey Schroeder
Production company:
Six Two and Even Production